Why My 5G Internet Is Not Working?

There are about more than 3.5 billion smartphone users and from that 1.6 billion people have access to the 5G services.

Since 2018-2019 year, some people have faced 5G networks on their devices, according to the report it is noted that most of them are new users.

So, for them, we covered all these things to make your internet speed faster and accessible from everywhere without any trouble.

What Does It Mean 5G Full Bars But No Internet Service?

Users facing this 5G internet not working errors, unable to send to receive messages, or nor able to access mobile data.

Hardware flaws or network congestion are the main causes of this problem. You may get it resolved by visiting nearby service center.

Or if you have some technical knowledge then follow some methods to resolve this issue quickly at your home. Read below to know more about methods.

Reason Behind Why 5G Network Shows Full Bars But No Internet

Every mobile shows a network signal through its bars along with the symbols 3G, 4G, and 5G. If you are receiving low network bars then the main problem is with your SIM or you are in no network region.

But in case you have full 5G bars but receive a message no internet. The reasons are:

  • You live in network congestion area
  • Exceeding daily network limit
  • Your Data subscription has expired
  • Entered Incorrect APN settings
  • Network Issue Due to your SIM fault
  • Your Device is not compatible with 5G

Why Does My 5g Have No Internet?

Check for the hardware fault or try using your SIM card on another device. If still you have same issue, then we highly recommend you to visit your SIM service center. They will issue a new SIM card or get it repaired.

How To Enable 5G Network on Android Device?

To enable the 5G internet settings on your Android phone follow the steps below:

  • Open the Settings
  • Next, select “Mobile Network”
  • Select the SIM card that you wish to use to activate your 5G network now
  • Click On Preferred Network Type
  • Now, Click on the 5G network option & Enable it.

Restart your device to make these settings come into effect. Now you can also see 5G written on the top bar with your signal bars.

How To Enable 5G Network on iOS Device?

Don’t worry for iPhone users also, we provided a detailed guide to enable 5G internet service.

  • Open the iPhone’s Settings app
  • Navigate to the option for Cellular Settings
  • Select Cellular Data Options
  • In Voice & Data settings, select 5G  or 5G Auto option

As in Android, you will also see 5G on the top of your screen. Now, you are able to access %G enabled internet services.

Once you enable this, and check for the internet by browsing online, then stiil unable to access Internet. Then follow our how to fix guide.

How To Fix 5G Internet Is Not Working?

Here are some things you can try if 5G isn’t working on your phone:

Methods To Fix 5G Internet Is Not Working
  • Restart your phone
  • On & Off Airplane Mode
  • Reset network settings
  • Update APN Setting
  • Disable Low Power Mode
  • Check network coverage
  • Update your software

Restart Your Phone

It is the quickest and easiest method in order to resolve the 5G internet not working issue. The gadget functions at maximum efficiency after the reset. That is why it is highly recommended at the very first step in any problem with your phone device.

Hold down the power button and then slide the power off option from the screen. After a few seconds, turn your device back on and access your 5G net.

On & Off Airplane Mode

This is a simple hack for restating the network without turning off your phone. Enabling ON and OFF airplane mode restart that network for your phone. If in case there is a minor fault, then this method gets it fixed 5G no Internet problem.

In simple terms, you can understand as, it acts as a network on-off button. Like a switch of bulb at home.

Reset Network Settings

If you have newly purchased your phone, and facing these issues, then try resetting your network. Because sometimes experimenting with your network setting can lead to some cons.

Update APN Setting

Using incorrect APN settings can stop a mobile phone from connecting with their Internet services. 

It is advised you to manually change the phone’s APN settings to fix the no internet error.

To update APN settings, navigate to the primary settings menu and choose your preferred SIM card. After modifying your APN settings, restart your device to make changes come into effect. Now attempt browsing with a good network region.

Disable Low Power Mode

It is possible that 5G is not working in your Phone in Low Power Mode. This option is generally used to save power on the phone so sometimes it option stops the background running process.

To turn off Low Power Mode, open Settings option > Battery > Off Power Mode. This mode is also known as with another name “Power Saving Mode” on some different phones.

Check Network Coverage

Make sure you are trying to access 5G service from a good network coverage area. Your SIM is should be 5G enabled and the device has to be 5G compatible.

Update Your Software

Sometimes there is a fault in the software, so updating the software resolves 5G Internet Is Not Working issue.

Outdated software is generally the main cause of this issue.

All tries has been done and if still you are facing issues with your 5G net, then you have to visit your service center.

They will help you to overcome this problem by replacing the card with new one.

Is There A Problem With The 5G Network?

No, there is no such problem in the short-run of usage. However, we have received feedback that using 5G on a device drains your battery fast, call drop issues, and signal strength fluctuate rapidly.

Which Company Provides The Best 5G Network Service?

There are many top companies providing the best 5G internet service in their region. Some of them are AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

But remember that speed and network accessibility depends on the near by towers located in that area.

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