Apn Settings

APN Settings 2020 [For Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry]

APN Settings For Device

An APN settings is a gateway used for the public internet network like GSM, GPRS, 3G, or 4G mobile network and computer network. APN stands for access point name.
When a person try to access internet, the device must be well configured with APN settings, so it’s get well secure connected but in the mine time, it will configure or examine the user and determine what type of network connection assign like IP address to assign for wireless network, security methods etc.

Should follow the rules for APN settings

We are providing a vital data for APN settings in 2020, so please be noted that while setting an APN, please don’t ignore Capital letters, comma, space and all thing that are given. Put all codes as it is to your settings to work APN settings properly.

People are clamming for error, because of code placement put by user is different, so the success ratio differs from person to person.
You are here because of issue regarding APN, may be your internet doesn’t work, may be you are not able to send MMS.
Please remember after changing APN settings save it with proper codes and remove all prior settings.
We hope your problem will be solved here but if you doesn’t get solved please reboot your device or contact us for further assistance.
If you get some other settings then our settings and work for you then please inform us to get benefited for other viewers. You can also send your query regarding APN settings with complete details like carrier, MVNO, phone; we will try our best to solve your problem.

Things To Consider Before Changing

Settings For iPhone

Specially iPhone have different technical rules for APN settings, there is little tricky or risky to change settings for apple device. Whenever, you try to change settings on your iPhone device, usually iPhone blocks to change and if it changes cause to jailbreak or phone will be hacked.

iPhone APN Configuration Steps

Go to Settings » Cellular » Cellular Data Options » Cellular Network OR Settings » Mobile Data » Mobile Data Options » Mobile Data Network

After that you can access settings manually.

Settings For Android

Android APN configuration differ according to the manufacturer of device and OS of android.

Go to Settings » Wireless Network/Network & Internet » Mobile Network » Access Point Names (APN)

Go to Settings » Wireless Network/Network & Internet » Mobile Network » Access Point Names (APN).

Here, you can try to default all settings, if doesn’t work then you can delete all the settings and follow the new settings. It is a best practice for APN settings.


We are trying our best to give you best resource to resolve your problem but if you doesn’t get success, please contact us or your service provider for best APN configuration.

Sometimes, it doesn’t work because of different mobile manufacturer (mobile compatibility) or SIM card compatibility, you have to request for new SIM to enjoy service.