How To Convert 4G Internet to 5G Speed?

Every day many new users add in the use of the internet and smartphones. With this modern and fast technology, many of us like to connect with the fastest 5G network.

Upgrading your mobile device to a model that supports 5G and enrolling in a 5G service plan can provide access to better internet speeds where available.

Note: Make sure you are in the 5G coverage area to access its service.

How To Check 5g Compatibility On An Android Device?

Follow the below steps to check whether your phone is compatible with 5G network speed or not.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Mobile networks
  • Navigate to Network mode or type
  • Click on the 4G or 5G Network option
  • Turn on VoLTE 

You can also select the option to opt for the 5G network automatically whenever the phone comes in good range.

How To Convert 4g Phone To 5g?

No, it can’t be possible to convert your 4G phone into 5G. If your phone is compatible with 5G network then only you can able to use the 5G sim network otherwise not.

4g to 5G

Can I upgrade my 4G to 5G?

No, we highly suggest you to buy the new 5G-compatible smartphone. Because it is not possible to use 5G in 4G phones. Now, these days 5G phones can be bought at a starting price rupees Rs. 8999/-.

If your phone is compatible with 5G network, then follow the guide to Increase 4G LTE & 5G Data Speeds.

Best Ways to Increase 4G LTE Speed to 5G

It becomes very frustrating while browsing or streaming with slow-speed internet connection. So, we’ll discuss some of the best hints and techniques for speeding up cellular data with you in this article.

  • Keep Your Battery Full
  • Reach Good Network Coverage Area
  • Clear Your Cache
  • Upgrade or Buy New Device
  • Switch Carriers
  • Update Software or Switch Browsers
  • Close Your Background Apps

1. Keep Your Battery Full

Keeping your phone battery full can help to boost your internet speed. Searching and connecting with the best 5G signal can drain your battery, so maintaining a full charge can help keep your phone more efficient.

2. Reach Good Network Coverage Area

Sometimes the problem is with your region. So, move to some different location and then try connecting with 5G. As 5G has recently launched, it may be possible there is no tower in your town which lead to connection with 4G only.

3. Clear Your Cache

Clearing a phone’s cache can help Increase 4G LTE Speed to 5G performance by removing temporary files and free up some useless space. These files include documents, and images, and web pages.

It is recommended to clear your phone cache once in every month. It keeps your phone running smoothly and efficiently.

To clear the cache on Android phones:

  • Open browser.
  • Tap “More” or go to Settings.
  • Select “History.”
  • Tap “Clear browsing data.”
  • Check “Cookies” and “Cached images.”
  • Tap “Clear Data.”

4. Upgrade or Buy New Device

It might be also possible your device is now outdated. Only new smartphone have access to the 5G network connectivity. Upgrade or buy a new device for optimal performance. Older phones hotspots may not support high speeds or 5G. Investing in modern technology assures that you get the most out of your cellular network.

5. Switch Carriers

Due to some location barriers, your service provider has not reached out to you yet. So look out SIM company that provides good connectivity in your region. Another provider might offer better service in your area.

6. Update Software or Switch Browsers

Sometimes this is not a big issue, it might be a problem with your browser app or possibly your software has an outdated version. So, to get access to the 5G Speed update your apps & software. Also use a Lite version like Opera Mini, which consumes less data.

7. Close Your Background Apps

Closing background apps can help improve your internet speed. When you have many apps operating in the background, your network’s bandwidth is shared among them, which can slow down your internet speed.

After performing all these actions, restart your devices, so that you work with full efficiency. Some also suggest using 5G signal booster device to overcome this minor issue. You might can try these too.

Is 5G better than 4G?

Yes, 5G is faster and better than 4G. 5G is the upgraded version of 4G. In this, you will get better service and faster uploading and downloading speed.

But have the condition, you must have a 5G compatible phone + should be live in 5G coverage region. 

Why 5G is so slow?

Sounds good that you have successfully configured with 5G connection but we have received some feedback that “my 5G is slower than 4G LTE”.

it could be due to several factors such as network congestion, signal interference, or limitations of your device. 

Below we have mentioned various reasons why you may have slow speeds on a 5G network.

  • Poor Signal strength
  • Too many background apps
  • Network congestion 
  • Incorrect APN configured
  • Incompatible device

How to Enable 5G Network?

You can enable 5G on your device by following the instructions:

  • Open Android/iPhone settings
  • Tap “Network & Internet”
  • Select “Mobile Networks”
  • Enable “5G” or “LTE/5G Auto” option
  • Confirm your selection

Now your device is successfully connected to 5G networks. Enjoy fast-speed browsing and streaming services.

How is 5G Different from 4G?

5G is the latest advancement in cellular technology. 5G enables data transfer speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G. You can download faster and upload at more quicker speed as compared to 4G.

You can connect your device with 5G and experience it on your own.

Can my 4G phone be upgraded to 5G?

No, 4G phones cannot be upgraded to support 5G because their internal part can’t be switched easily to new ones. So, to access to 5G speed buy a new 5G compatible smartphone. 

Can we get 5G speed in a 4G SIM?

No, you can’t get 5G speed with a 4G SIM card. You should have both 5G sim card and a smartphone in order to access 5G internet.

Have any other questions then comment below.

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