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Virgin Mobile Apn Settings 2020 For Your Phone [Updated]

We are going to explain all about Virgin Mobile Apn Settings for different devices like Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry. You are here because of your device or network have some issues to send text messages or MMS and, it is because of missing configuration in APN settings. Sometimes, there is some issue with SIM i.e out of dated with updated technology and mobile device doesn’t support the current network. Here, we will provide a complete details of their settings for APN configuration. so that, it works normally and enjoy their service smoothly. You can try official customer care service for Virgin Mobile Apn for APN configuration.

We have provided youtube video to make you understand how to access APN Settings for different mobile operating system platform like; iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows. Please go with steps as explained in video but you have to put the same values as given below for different network and different operating system.

It is really easy to configure different devices like android, windows or blackberry but iOS has some issues to change it’s APN settings, while changing APN settings in iOS is like to disturb OS of iPhone device and likely to hack by hackers, so it’s really risky, sometimes IOS doesn’t configure easily because of its user safety.

APN Troubleshooting

Sometime you have completed all the Apn settings but your Internet/MMS doesn’t work. We have listed
some key points to consider, while setting Apn. Again, if the issue pursuit, please contact official network site or
customer care for further assistance.

Please check all the points to make sure for applying settings.

  • Data Plan: The first important thing is, you should have a valid data plan, if not, you need to buy one.
  • Data Activation: The other thing is to activate the data plan, so that you can access the plan and try for Apn settings.
  • Wireless Off: Wifi can be an issue not to activate new apn settings, so please turn off the wifi.
  • APN Settings: Apn settings are differ according to network and device platform, also you have to use correct settings as the details given unless doesn’t get result. you have to put numbers, text, dots and special characters exactly.
  • Network mode connected: Check the network mode connected and shift to “auto“(automatic).
  • Create New APN: While creating new Apn setting, first try to use existing settings with the given setting of particular network like, in your existing Proxy have no value but in this post has proxy value, put it and try. You will get success, if not then try full settings as given below.

If after checking all these things doesn’t get result, please contact server provider.

Virgin Apn Settings 2020

Virgin 4G

Virgin Internet Apn Settings for Android

Go to Settings › Connections › Mobile networks › Access Point Names of your Android

Tap Add button over the right top corner and follow the process as specified below, If your device has some settings for Virgin for any fields below leave them completely and change the other fields as mentioned below. We hope it will work for sure.

Name Virgin
APN VirginInternet
Port 8070
Multimedia message proxy
Multimedia message port 8070
MCC 505
MNC 02
APN type default,supl
APN protocol IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol IPv4
Bearer Unspecified

Reboot/restart your smartphone to apply Virgin APN Settings

Virgin Internet Apn Settings for iOS

For iOS Device, Go to Settings › Cellular › Turn Cellular Data on › Click Cellular Data Option › Cellular Data Network

Tap Cellular Data and enter the information as below to complete the apn settings for iOS device. Please remember don’t give space between text, if it is there then do also, please fill details as small and capital letters as given below.

APN VirginInternet

Tap LTE Setup section for optional and fill complete details

APN Leave Blank
Username Leave Blank
Password Leave Blank

Follow details for MMS section

APN VirginInternet
MMS Proxy
MMS Max Message Size 1048576

Tap the Home button to save settings and exit to home
Now, you should reboot/restart iOS device to apply Virgin APN settings and enjoy.

Virgin Internet Apn Settings for Windows

For Windows Phone › App List Section › Settings › Network & Wireless › Cellular & SIM › Cellular › SIM › Properties

Under section of Internet APN settings, select Add an Internet APN and put all details as below remember, if there is earlier details available, put the same information.

Profile name Virgin
APN VirginInternet
IP type IPv4

Enable Use this APN for LTE and replace the one from my mobile operator

Proxy server (URL)
Proxy port 8070

Continue to Save

In Cellular, select your SIM Card › Properties › MMS APN › Add MMS APN › Save
Profile name Virgin
APN VirginInternet
IP Type IPv4
Proxy server
Proxy port 8070
MMSC port 8002
Maximum MMS size (KB) 2048

Virgin Internet Apn Settings for BlackBerry

You have to swipe down from the top of the home screen

Settings › Network Connections › Mobile Network › APN › Inter the below information › Save
Access Point Name (APN) VirginInternet
Go to Main Menu › Open Text Messages › Settings › Text Messages › Select MMS › Press Advance and follow the details below › Save
APN VirginInternet
Proxy URL

Return to home screen.

Final Words

We are a small team, gathering information from open source and cellular care, If you have any query, please contact us and do share this article in social media, so needy get helped.

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